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Happy Days

Our card article for today will be looking at a Rare Event from the Bankai expansion, and a favorite card of mine on a personal note.

Happy Days is an Event costing one Spirit Energy to play, and has no restrictions on when to play it. It's effect allows you to look at the top five cards of your deck and then place them however you like at either the top OR the bottom of your deck. That last detail is what makes the card. If it's something you are certain you don't want, you don't just have the option of waving it off for a few turns, but instead can get it out of your way entirely.

It won't find it's way into every deck, but any deck searching for key cards will welcome it with open arms. It's costs are minimal, it can be used at any time, and it's effect will at the very least help you plan out your next turn before taking those extra draws blindly. And at best, it can completely win the game by finding that last card you needed.

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1 July, 2008
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